"Interstate-40 (Good Morning, Good Night)"

Words and Music by BAY LOVE
(Linda Martin & Kevin Termunde)
Instrumentation by BAY LOVE

Recorded at Flying Whale Recording Studio
Grass Valley, California USA
October 24, 2023

Mixed by David Chock
San Luis Obispo, California USA
December 22, 2023

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Vivid skies with billowed clouds
Broken shacks among the cows
Midwest diners call to the traveler
Stop on in for Lucy’s pie
Wheat fields a-blowin’ and trucks on the right
Good morning, good night

B.B. King’s Blues Club in neon lights
Beale Street in Memphis is quite a site
Muddy Waters, B.B., Booker T, and the King
Are blues legends here who made history
The Mississippi flowin’ with bridges lit bright
Good morning, good night

With our guitars and a shaker or two
We call ahead to say “comin’ through”
Adventures await though the drive may be long
In dog-friendly motels we write some more songs

Sun’s comin’ up on a lazy river
Castin' rays of crystal light
Tall trees gather at your shoulders
Stretchin’ our legs by roadside rivers
Cicadas singin’ at the campsite
Good morning, good night

Catfish fry at a midnight truck-stop
Iced tea and coffee does us right
Visitin' family and makin' new friends
We heard there’s a band at the bar up ahead
So we stop at the T&A Saloon for a bite
Good morning, good night

In our diverse nation, in towns near and far
Most folks believe in peace and love
No politics divide, don’t believe what you hear
Our borders are open, we live without fear

Windmills turnin’ in the distance
Thunderheads grow in darkened skies
A neighborhood open-air craft fair and market
Discoverin’ new indigenous delights
Sittin’ on the tailgate to watch the moon rise
Good morning, good night